About the WLU PHI Society of Computer Science, Physics, and Mathematics

WLU PHI Society is the official student operated society of WLU’s Computer Science, Physics, and Mathematics department. Our main objectives are to enrich and enhance students' academic experiences as well as foster a sense of community through social events. We look to create initiatives and events to involve students in the society to better improve themselves and challenge themselves. You can join and help make a difference by applying to join for one of our committees: Marketing/Events/Graphics- Responsible to help come up with new student initiative and events as well as help generate leads/sponsors for the events. Graphics would be in charge of help creating graphics/advertisement campaigns to be displayed across the school and social media pages. Academic Committee - In charge of hosting and helping with assignment help and midterm/final exam review sessions Web Development Team- New initiative being put in place of a team of students (any skill level) looking to want to learn how to create websites and get real workplace coding experience. We aim to create free websites for other clubs on campus/ start up companies and get experience to add to our portfolio. Please email us or message us for any inquiries!